Wednesday, January 29, 2014

IDEA :: How to use Valentines Gift Tags

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Valentines Day is right around the corner so we're talkin toppers today! Ya know those tags. The one thingys . . . What DO you call them? Most people call them toppers, or like I said, tags, but I have heard them called party circles as well as other things but regardless I LOVE using them as there is sooooooo many ways you can use them, incorporate them into your next party & more. ;) 

Today I just want to share a few ways I personally use them & maybe you'll become inspired to use them in a different way. ;) I know most of you have heard of them too but maybe you don't know what to do with them beyond using it as a gift tag, so hopefully you will pick up an idea or two with this post and it will get you thinking outside of the box for using these for your next party or gift accent. 

The most obvious I think, is probably using them in party decor . . .  sticking them in the food, attaching them to a serving piece or placing them in a photo holder. It's as easy as plop 'em on a stick & you have an instant decor element. They can however be used as party of the decor or the most popular choice, as actual gift tags on a gift.

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Speaking of using them in your party decorations, why not take your circle punch, punch a few out & place them in the middle of a tissue paper fan for an added touch.

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Here's an idea that is PERFECT for the season . . . use these for your kiddos Valentines! Simply cut out a sheet of toppers, cut a slit about a quarter inch from the edges on the top and bottom then slide a lollipop in & boom! . . . instant classroom Valentines for the kids to pass out to all of their friends.

valentines day lollipop, ideas using valentines toppers, damask heart

The last idea I have for you today is adding them in your gift giving for Valentines Day. Use them as a tag & attach to the gift. No need to buy a card, use one of these tags & consider it a wrap! ;)

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Grab these handy Valentines gift tags in my shop! They come in twelve different designs & you will have so much fun finding different ways to use them. I hope you will continue to join me as I share more fun Valentines ideas that you can use this week & next! ;)

Which idea was your fave? What would you use them for!? ;)

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  1. You are so creative. What a great use of the tags using them as toppers :)

  2. What a cute little idea. They can be used in so many places...from treats to place setting. Awesome.

  3. What cute ideas. My kids would enjoy all the decorations on their food, what a fun idea!

  4. Love these little toppers! They are the perfect touch for any Valentines Day treat.

  5. I love this entire post. This is so fun and creative, and not overdone!

  6. Those do sound cute to me. I'd like to make those too. Fun to make the gifts pretty. :)

  7. Great post! Love your ideas on how to use the toppers. I'm especially loving the donuts!

  8. You are so creative! First off, no matter what you call it, put it in a donut and I am happy. LOL
    The tissue fan is really cute, too.

  9. You shared some really nice ideas on how to make things prettier and more special at home. I really liked what you did.


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