Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Holiday Recap 2013


Hello there!
Today I want to share with you a little about what I have been doing over the past month. I have LOVED the break from work (maybe a lil too much if I am being honest ;) . . . and I loved sleeping in, napping in the afternoons with my daughter, hanging out watching movie after kids movie with her, and NOT being on a set schedule. Anyone that knows me, understands what a rare thing that is as I am always go, go, go . . . have to be doing something ALL the time, so for me to enjoy this & actually LET myself enjoy it was a good thing! ;) AND I am so refreshed for it so maybe I should take a cue from this extended break every once in awhile & take a break for myself. Trust me - it's on MY list . . . for this year. But that's another blog post coming soon. ;)

We have had an extended winter break here in SW Ohio with the temps so frigid they had to cancel school several days, but today my daughter had to go back to school, so I thought it only appropriate to share what we did this last month. We made a TON of memories over winter break & had some really good times. As she keeps getting older, I find these times I get to spend with her, so few & far between so I cherish them more & more. I really do. Would love for time to freeze so I can keep here this little forever. {sigh}

It all started actually before break with a massive undertaking of decorating. We decorate the entire house . . . we have SEVEN themed trees we put up & if you follow me on Instagram, I am sure you saw a glimpse of most of them. It is so fun to do this every year . . .  only down-side is it takes awhile, so I start early.

A couple items I picked up this year from Pier 1 Imports. My fave is this snowman . . .adorbs! You will see ALOT of decor in my home from that place as it's one of my "go-to" decor stores! ;)

Our massive 9 foot tree . . . it takes a whole day to decorate but so worth it!
The ornament on the right is one of my faves on the tree for 2 reasons: one is I bought it on a trip of a lifetime with my brother in Maui when we spent a whole week there just chillin & surfin . . . this was to always remember those days. ;) And the other reason is my family is HUGE & I mean HUGE "Christmas Vacation" movie fans & if you have seen the movie then you know the other reason I love it.  Nuff said ;)

If you missed any of my home decorating, check out any of these posts: Starbucks Holiday decor, man cave/OSU decor, or pink & red christmas decor.

Our family always gets to share in the numerous activities my daughter is in but this year was EXTRA SPECIAL, as the 1st photo below is from her HONORS orchestra winter concert (she plays violin) with me beaming. ;) The second is, as I am sure you can tell, a photo of her at her church's Christmas production where she earned the role of Mary. So so proud of her & what she strives to do/be.

We also did the typical holiday FUN stuff:

a movie date to see Frozen (which was AMAZING!!!), yearly tradition of going to see Christmas lights with her cousins & of course making cookies!

And parties . . . we have LOTS of parties . . . we LOVE parties! ;) 
(that's me & my momma in the last one - isn't she so cute?)

Then the day came that we were all waiting for . . .a birthday for someone special. =)

And Santa made an appearance . . .

It was so much fun as this was our puppy, Chili's 1st Christmas with us . . .
Skylar drew him on our chalkboard door - can you see the resemblance? ;) And I must note this year she was really into OWLS. 2013 was the year of the owls for my daughter. So cute.

This. This photo. I absolutely LOVE it as it captures the essence of our family so well. We try not not take life too seriously & laugh at ourselves . . . ALOT! ;)

Happy New Year from my crazy family to yours! xoxo

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  1. I absolutely love you sharing your personal space with the world! What a fun few weeks and so relaxing for you I know! That last pic of the family and even the dog went mad crazy with his smile! LOLOL Crackin me up!

  2. Your holidays looked so fun! Glad you and your family had a grand time! ♥


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