Saturday, December 3, 2011

{DAY 3 -Deal of the Day} 12 Days of Christmas + GIVEAWAY

It's the "12 Days of Christmas" event!

On the THIRD day of Christmas 
the gift fairy sent to ME . . . 

a 15% discount on everything in her shop!
 {She will be offering this discount in her shop until next Saturday - Dec. 10}
J (jeanette) just recently opened her adorable Etsy shop & she is pretty stoked about it. She has thrown some great parties & I so wish we lived closer as I would crash all of them!!! She is a FUN person to know & I'm glad we're friends! =) Check out some of her adorable-ness!

If you are NOT familiar with her work or her, here's a little about Ms. J:
Hello! My name is Jeannette, J for short, I am now a WAHM (work at home mom) with a love for children's party planning. My children are my inspiration and I'm in love with paper details. I started with jumping into the party planning scene, part time or when my children allow me some time. I love to design and create my own party decor and now I want to share my creations with all of you. That's where the opening of my Etsy shop comes in! You can find most of the items that I've made with love for my own children. Check out my site for party inspiration and photos of my events!

Let's get to REALLY know how she feels about Christmas-time, shall we?

1. Pretend YOU are a kid again . . . what toy you asking Santa for?? 

Crayons and drawing pads! I've always loved paper. LOL. I use to love to color as well.

2. Favorite Christmas song? Not sure if this is even suitable but personally, I like "Oi to the world" by No Doubt ;)

3. If you were a reindeer - which one would you be? And WHY? 
That's easy...DANCER! I LOVE music and shaking my tale feather. Hehe.

4. What is ONE tradition you do EVERY year that makes the holiday SPECIAL for you? Egg nog and rum! LOL. J/k (kinda). Actually, as a family, we always drive through "Christmas Lights lane", a neighborhood close, where literally every house is lit up for blocks. It's gorgeous!

5. What does YOUR stocking look like? 
Its velvet Navy blue stocking, with a silver letter J on it.

6. Favorite Christmas treat? 
Egg nog and rum :)

So are you ready to go check out her shop? Here is where you can connect with her & remember she is offering this discount until 
next Saturday - December 10!

Here's the link to her shop! J at Your Service
 And the CODE to receive your 15% DISCOUNT is EYEC5K

Did you miss a day? Check out DAY 1 & DAY 2 of this event, just click the link to see all the details & to catch ANY deal you may have missed!

Thanks for being here & I hope you will enjoy all 12 DAYS 
I have planned for you!

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  1. So...I'm guessing J likes egg nog?? And rum ?? ;) heehee!! xoxo


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