Saturday, December 31, 2011

{Birthday PARTY} Puppies & Pets Palooza for my Daughter

So I saved the BEST party I designed for the year to post last! 
(at least that's how I am justifying NOT posting about it until today - lol)
Today I am sharing a "sneak peek" into my daughter's 8th birthday party this year!
And the theme was  . . . 

I will be doing a feature here on ALL the awesome details of this mega event in a week but really wanted to get it on "the books" for this year before it ended, so enjoy these pics into one of my all time FAVORITE parties I have ever thrown!

Here's the birthday girl . . my beautiful daughter Skylar! 

Make sure to keep an eye out for the FEATURE I will be writing here about this party within the next couple weeks!

Happy Birthday my sweet girl! xoxo


  1. How adorable!! Did she get a puppy???

  2. The Hammy Sammy's are genius! So adorable, and such a happy girl...well done!


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