Friday, December 30, 2011

{CPN Memphis Meet Up} - round 3 Party Girls ROCK

The CPN "Party Girls ROCK" Memphis Meet-Up in one simple word was AMAZING!

The BEST part of the whole event were the people that attended. So that is WHY I saved the pics of the people for the last & FINAL blog post about this event.
Enjoy . . . .
Courtney from Pizzazzerie & I - she is such a sweetheart & soooo much FUN!!
(above) me, Courtney from Pizzazzerie & Cineca from Dreamin N Details
LOVE LOVE LOVE these girls!!!
(below) Aimee from Aimee Broussard Events, me, Leanne from Plumcake Parties

(above) Brittany from Grey Grey Designs ~ everyone mingling & chatting

(below) Do from Piggy Bank Parties ~ everyone chatting ~ Eleanor from  

Jill from Peas & Thank You's, Courtney from Pizzazzerie & Leanne from Plumcake Parties

(above) Ashley from The Hip Hostess ~ Miranda from Whimsical Printables ~ Maggie from KentuckyHome-Kerwin blogspot

 (below) Latasha from A Posh Party by Latasha ~ Kathy from KentuckyHome-Kerwin blogspot ~ Leanne from Plumcake Parties 

Aimee from Aimee Broussard Events with Courtney from Pizzazzerie

(above) Jill from Peas & Thank You's ~ everyone signing the albums that were a party favor / keepsake to take home 

(below) chatting & having cocktails ~ My FAB co-hosts - Cineca from Dreamin N Details, Brittany from Grey Grey Designs & myself ~ Bailey from KentuckyHome-Kerwin blogspot

Courtney from Pizzazzerie A.K.A. the "Social Media Princess"

 (above) Melonie ~ Leanne of Plumcake Parties with Do of Piggy Bank Parties ~ me PROVING that I tried the 'grits' (still don't like them - lol)

(below) my co-hosts & I ~ everyone listening to the chat with Courtney ~ Mayra from In Flight

Jill from Peas & Thank You's & Cineca from Dreamin N Details with our "Party Girls" FLAT Stanley that went everywhere with us for the few days we were there (boy the stories it could tell - LOL)
(above) Cineca from Dreamin N Details ~ Mayra from In Flight, Amanda from Frills & Frolic & Latasha from A Posh Party by Latasha having fun with the photo booth props

(below) Courtney signing albums & I spy a Skylar Raine rocker hair clip in her hair!! 
~ And . . . do I spy ANOTHER Skylar Raine rocker hair clip in Cineca's hair here? (why YES I do!! - for those that haven't realized, Skylar Raine is my NEW sister co. that made it's DEBUT at this event!) 
~ Leanne from Plumcake Parties holding up a FABULOUS piece of swag from me - (I made everyone a custom CD of all my favorite jams)
Good times were had by all & we hold some of the most AMAZING memories from all getting together. There were relationships strengthened, friendships made, collaborations created, ideas born, memories never forgotten, & plans to meet up again SOON!

If you missed the first TWO posts of this series, you can catch them here
Round 1 and Round 2.

THANK YOU to all my rocker chicks that were there - you all mean the world to me & I love you all. Thanks for allowing me to be one of your hosts for the evening . . . I hope I did you proud & you had a great time!! xoxo

rock on party girls ROCK ON!

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