Wednesday, December 7, 2011

{DAY 7 - Deal of the Day} 12 Days of Christmas + GIVEAWAY

It's the "12 Days of Christmas" event!

On the SEVENTH day of Christmas 
the gift fairy sent to ME . . . 

she's offering 15% off 
everything on her page!

Skylar Raine is a BRAND NEW online boutique that is offering "Stylish Creations" for YOU & your home! The GRAND OPENING {online} was yesterday so they are definitely the "new kid on the block" but are NOT new to crafting & designing as she has been doing it for years & decided to open an online store. She will be carrying hair accessories that can be customized with any hardware you like & some are even interchangeable! She also carries some FAB rings with adjustable bands (my personal favorite!). The 'home' accessory part of the biz will be added in 2012, but for now, you can take advantage of picking up some quality, hand-made pieces for YOU or a gift as she is staying open for last minute gift-giving! She also welcomes CUSTOM ORDERS!

Let's get to REALLY know how she feels about Christmas-time, shall we?

1. Pretend YOU are a kid again . . . what toy you asking Santa for?? 

some of the cool new Barbies out! I STILL love them!

2. Favorite Christmas song? O Holy Night

3. If you were a reindeer - which one would you be? And WHY? 
Dasher  . . .because I am always doing SOMETHING! =)

4. What is ONE tradition you do EVERY year that makes the holiday SPECIAL for you? we ALWAYS watch "Christmas Vacation" over at my moms house with all my brothers every year - we seriously get depressed IF we don't do it. BEST MOVIE EV-AAAAA

5. What does YOUR stocking look like? 
crushed red velvet with leopard trim - grrrooowwl - lol

6. Favorite Christmas treat? 
my mom's INFAMOUS Buckeyes! The woman should SELL them - I have never had ANYone else's that can even come close!

So are you ready to go check out her shop?

Here's the link to her FB page! SKYLAR RAINE
 And she is offering 15% OFF everything! 

You simply just SHOP under her photos in her album & comment on the ones you would like. Easy. Simple. The End. =)
Any questions just email her at

Oh & by the way . . .  did I happen to mention that "Skylar Raine" is MY new sister company I have been hinting around about. =) ENJOY!

Did you miss a day? Check out DAY 1 , DAY 2 , DAY 3, DAY 4, DAY 5
DAY 6, of this event, just click the link to see all the details & to catch ANY deal you may have missed!

Thanks for being here & I hope you will enjoy all 12 DAYS 
I have planned for you!

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