Monday, December 12, 2011

{Day 12- Daily Deal} 12 Days of Christmas + GIVEAWAY

It's the "12 Days of Christmas" event!

On the TWELFTH day of Christmas 
the gift fairy sent to ME . . . 

is offering you, 10% off 
any January cookie order!
(placed by the end of Tuesday - 2 week notice required)

About Frog Prince Cake & Cookie Design - Linda is the owner & founder & is crazy talented & her designs are AHHHHHH-MAZING! She knows how to create designs that make your jaw drop. She strives to give your event a magical feeling through her work & how can she not? Have you seen her work? She does cakes, cookies & fondant toppers & I am sure anything you want. She is a rock star at what she does & is one of the nicest & sweetest ladies around. I love people who are as good at what they do as they are nice! Check her out - she never disappoints!

Let's get to REALLY know how she feels about Christmas-time, shall we?

1. Pretend YOU are a kid again . . . what toy you asking Santa for?? 
I always wanted one of those long extendable tubes that you can crawl through.  I still tease my mom about the fact that I asked for it every yr. & never got it. {I am the youngest of 6 kids & just wanted a place to hide!!!}

2. Favorite Christmas song? I love the old classics like. "White Christmas"by Bing Crosby &"Blue Christmas" by Elvis. But also love The Beach Boys."Little St. Nick and "Christmas Wrapping" by The Waitresses. {Sorry, couldn't pick JUST one! Lol!!}

3. If you were a reindeer - which one would you be? And WHY? 
Rudolph, of course...I light up the room with my sparkling wit & charm...JUST KIDDING!  I relate to him because I use my unique gifts to brighten the days of others.

4. What is ONE tradition you do EVERY year that makes the holiday SPECIAL for you? I spend a lot of time making sure we build great memories for our 2 girls.  Something they love doing is baking Christmas cookie ornaments & hanging them on our tree!  This year we added to the tradition by baking salt dough ornaments too!

5. What does YOUR stocking look like? 
I have a traditional stocking now{red & white}, but when I was a kid I had a HUGE stocking{I could almost fit inside.}  My stocking was always my favorite part of Christmas morning. 

6. Favorite Christmas treat? 
Actually, my favorite Christmas treats are almond cookies that one of my best friend's mother in law makes. {Now I'm literally drooling!!}  My daughter has nut allergies so I try very hard to stay away from anything w/nuts but I've been known to eat these cookies until I feel sick! Lol!

Happy Holidays!! xo

So are you ready to go check out the deals? 

Here's the link her page to check out her designs: 
Frog Prince Cake & Cookie Design and just mention this post 
& get 10% OFF any cookie order placed for January.
(remember she needs 2 weeks notice to do her amazing-ness)

Frog Prince Cake & Cookie Design: Facebook   Blog


Did you miss a day? 
Check out DAY 1 , DAY 2 , DAY 3, DAY 4, DAY 5, DAY 6, DAY 7, DAY 8, DAY 9, DAY 10, DAY 11 of this event, just click the link to see all the details & to catch ANY deal you may have missed!

Thanks for being here & I hope you have enjoyed all 12 DAYS 
I planned for you! But don't go anywhere just yet . . . we still have a FABULOUS giveaway that will ONLY be ONE DAY . . . coming tomorrow - Tuesday Dec. 13!!! =)
See you then! Now go SHOPPING with all the amazing vendors!!

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