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Craft DIY :: Bookbinding 101 - How to make a Journal

Bookbinding 101
by Wendy

Hi, it’s Wendy here from Scrappy Bags today with a basic tutorial on Bookbinding 101.

I made this journal for my daughter today and it only took me a little over an  hour to make this from start to finish. 

Gather your supplies — you will need scrapbook paper, plain white copier paper, a paper cutter, Zip Dry Glue, paper piercer, irish linen thread (or some other heavy duty thread) and an embroidery needle.

Next, decide what size you want the journal to be.  My finished journal is 5 1/4” x 8.  Start by taking six coordinating pieces of scrapbook paper and cut them to 10 1/2” wide by 8” high.  I recommend using the heavier scrapbook paper as it will be more sturdy. 

Once you have your papers cut, glue them together back to back.  I used Zip Dry glue which is wonderful for gluing paper together without getting the wrinkles.  Once you’ve let the paper dry for a few minutes, fold them in half.  Trim up your edges if your paper does not exactly line up.

I then cut some plain white copier paper down to 10 x 7 1/2” size and folded them in half.  This will be your writing paper and you want it to be a little bit smaller than your cover.  

Next, you will need to make a template for cutting your holes.  Take a piece of the leftover scrapbook paper and make a 1” strip the same size as the width of your book cover.  Fold this paper in half lengthwise, then fold it in half again from top to bottom, and then once again from top to bottom.  Open up that piece of paper and you should have a vertical line going down the center, then three horizontal lines intersecting that center line.  The spots where those three lines intersect is where you will make your holes fold binding.  Make sense?

Using the guide that you just made, make three holes with a paper piercer on your pages at the folds.  One in the center and one on either side using your paper template.  

After you have your holes punched, you are ready to start binding your journal.  The best thread to use for this is irish linen thread that has a wax coating.  You can order it online, but it’s difficult to find at any of the craft stores.  You also should have a heavier needle, such as an embroidery needle.  You want it to be pretty sturdy so that you can work through the paper with ease.  Thread your need and start binding your papers together.  You should start from the outside middle hole to the inside.  Then go to the top hole and through to the outside.  Then go all the way to the other hole and through to the inside.  Go back to the center hole and to the outside again.  Repeat this process three or four times keeping your thread tight so that your book is sturdy.  Before you tie off your thread, be sure to make a double knot so that your book does not unravel.  You’re done!

Now go ahead and have fun adding die cuts, stickers, whatever you like to embellish your book.  Feel free to mix it up and make it your own.

Until next time. Wendy


DIY /Craft Contributor: Wendy Diem

Wendy is a stay at home mom living in Hershey, Pennsylvania, also know as the sweetest place on earth! 

She loves creating memory books and cards and would spend my whole day scrapbooking, but I do need to make time to take care of my family.  You know, those fun things like laundry, cleaning the house, etc.  

Back in March, 2012, she had the privilege of going to NYC as part of Martha Stewart’s Dreamers into Doers to attend some workshops and the live taping of her show.  She enjoyed meeting lots of wonderful entrepreneurial women.  What a great experience it was!

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