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the NEW Contributors :: TEAM Eye Candy

I want to THANK YOU all who responded & sent in emails "applying" for a position. I am always so humbled by the people who would like to be on the team, it is such a nice feeling. THANK YOU all! 
 I am so thrilled to introduce you to the latest additions to the TEAM Eye Candy family! 

So here we go . . . the new "duo" of the TEAM Eye Candy family! Welcome! 

Introducing . . . .
  DIY/Craft Contributor duo: Jessica Roe & Stefani Kahn
from Everyday Party Magazine

Everyday Party Magazine

Come and meet Jessica:

Jessica is a devoted wife, mother of four young boys and has always felt the need for a creative outlet, and often been jokingly referred to as Martha. As far back as high school, she loved to throw elaborate parties and when she designs a party, Jessica truly immerses the guests in the theme, whether it's turning her house and yard into a full service water theme park, building castle doors with her husband, or constructing a monster truck track for power wheels.

Jessica's work has been featured on such notable party blogs and magazines such as Hostess With The Mostess, Bird's Party Magazine, Amy Atlas, lilsugar, and Spaceships and Laserbeams.

Jessica enjoys family vacations to their cabin in the TN mountains, as well as frequent trips to The Walt Disney Resort in Orlando.. Jessica can often be found in the kitchen baking, cooking and creating to relax. She has never found anything that didn't look better with a little spray paint, and always has projects lined up for her and her husband to create.


and Stefani:

I am a wife, a mom to 4 boys and I  have been an elementary school teacher for 18 years. My passion (and my sanity saver) is creating.

I have been creating projects for as long as I can remember. My great aunt Sylvia taught me how to make flowers out of Kleenex and I was hooked. I have been creating ever since.

Now, when I'm not running my boys around or working at a PTA, event you will find me crafting and styling parties.


1. What are 3 things you MUST have when throwing a party?

Jessica ~ Flexibility, I know it's not a "thing" but sometimes things don't happen the way you see them in your head, and you have to be flexible enough to roll with it.
Stefani ~ Fabric and fresh flowers because they are just pretty!
Jessica & Stefani ~ Bite size or individual servings of treats, clean up is a breeze and no one knows how much I have eaten ;)

2. Please share 3 random facts people may not know about you:

Jessica ~ I was enlisted as an officer in the US ARMY, but I wasn't able to serve because of a terrible head on collision just before I was married, and my scheduled Basic Training.
Stefani ~ I have no willpower when a donut is nearby.
Jessica & Stefani ~ We have never met in real life, know each other for over a year, have more in common than either of us care to admit…and we are both SO EXCITED to finally meet each other in April!

3. What has been your FAVORITE party you have thrown to date?

Jessica  ~ Wow, that is so hard for me!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE doing my kids parties!  But, I think my favorite was my third son's soap box derby party, although the party we had for my 4th son this weekend was pretty amazing too!
Stefani ~ My lemonade party is my very favorite party…it was my first and it will always hold a special place in my heart…plus in a house full of men, it was so nice to style a sweet and girly celebration!

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What a team huh? I am so excited for this duo as they will fit in so well to the "TEAM eye candy" family. Look for their very first blog post towards the end of April.

Make sure to go visit them on their blogs too so you don't miss anything they may post in between visits here!

THANK YOU so much girls as I am so excited to have you here on my team and look forward to seeing what you all have up your sleeves!! xoxo

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