Friday, March 21, 2014

DIY CRAFT :: Spring Bloom Canvas Art

DIY Spring Bloom Canvas Art
by Melissa
Spring is in the air…plants will be waking up to the spring warmth from the sun.  One of my favorite events of spring is to watch the infant buds on our trees start to open up and say hello to the new season. 

That image is what has inspired my DIY Spring Bloom Canvas Art today.
My daughter, Molly,  loves to craft with me.  I picked something easy for her to help with. 

Supplies needed:    Canvas, paint brush, paint, hot glue gun and colored tissue paper. 

First I had Molly paint the canvas. We picked this bright metallic aquamarine color.  It gave the canvas a beautiful glow to it. 

Then after letting that dry, she painted the brown tree branch coming from the side of the canvas. 

After that dried completely, we crumpled small pieces of colored tissue paper and I glued them on to the branch randomly representing the “blooms”. 

We made sure it completely dry and all our “blooms” were stuck good and then we hung up our finished masterpiece on our closet door. It’s the first thing you see when you come up the stairs.  

I love the brightness to it and the fact that we made it together.
I hope spring comes your way soon!

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