Friday, December 19, 2014

ART PRINTS :: Christmas Movie Quotes

christmas vacation quote, it's christmas and we're all in misery

Hey there! Happy (almost) Merry Christmas & happy holidays and all of that good stuff to you all! When I decided to 'ink' some art prints for Christmas this year, I really - like really, wanted to do some famous Christmas movie quotes from MY favorite movies that I watch every year. I started a list and before I knew it, my list was H-U-G-E, since there are so many amazing quotes I could have used!  But I decided to squeeze in these two favorites of mine for you all to enjoy! 

hand lettered christmas art, smiling's my favorite, buddy the elf
it's christmas & we're all in misery, Christmas Vacation movie quote

These are my personal two favorite all-time movies for the holidays so it was only fitting that I chose these! And why did I choose these particular quotes? Well the first is soooooooo fitting for all of us mommas trying to do it all right now in the last week of Christmas and the other one, well, who doesn't love smiling? ;)

buddy the elf quote, smiling's my favorite, christmas, buddy saying
christmas vacation, it's christmas & we're all in misery, hand lettered

If you follow me on Instagram, then you always see what prints I am currently 'inking' and working on, as that is where all the 'behind the scenes' action is documented. So you may or may not have seen a couple of these already with my sneak peeks! ;) 

You can get the "It's Christmas and we're ALL in misery" print from Christmas Vacation or the "Smiling's my Favorite" print from Elf in the shop now!

If you are more into the traditional Christmas quotes or need a last minute gift idea, you can check out these FOUR new prints that hit the shop recently: 'Joy to the World', 'O Holy Night', 'a Thrill of Hope', and 'let Heaven & Nature Sing'. I decided to keep them all inked in black so they could be framed and used to match any color scheme you currently have . . .

You will find all of these new Christmas art prints, available in the shop to purchase for yourself to add to your decor or to give as a gift. They are perfect to frame, gift to a friend, or wrap up as a gift . . . everyone loves a great art print to decorate their space! I do. ;)

smiling's my favorite, ELF movie, elf, christmas, buddy the elf

AND as a reminder, I am offering to do CUSTOM hand lettering prints as well. So if you think you have a FAB idea shoot me an email . . . at and we'll chat!
So tell me what you think??? Which one is you favorite? Did I do one of your favorites? Let me know below . . .

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  1. I do love the prints! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love your designs you are so talented what will you be doing next?

  3. Christmas Vacation is my favorite Christmas movie, so I am loving that print! So cute!

  4. I love the prints. They are so great!

  5. I think my quote would be from Christmas Story. I think the fish just winked at me.

  6. I LOVE the Smiling's my favorite! So cute!

  7. I love Christmas Vacation. The boys have already started asking to watch it. Adorable prints!

  8. The prints are so cute! I love the Smiling's quote.

  9. What a great idea! I love the artwork that goes with each quote.

  10. I love any quote from Elf. Cotton-headed ninny muggins is my favorite!

  11. I could not place those movie quotes when I first saw them. I love watching Christmas Vacation during the holidays.

  12. Love these prints! I love elf! Hehehe. Smiling is my favorite! :) LifeAsLex


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