Thursday, December 4, 2014

DAILY DEAL #4 :: 12 Days of Christmas

It's the "12 Days of Christmas Daily Deals" event!
On the FOURTH day of Christmas the gift fairy sent to ME . . . 

Eye Candy Creative Studio loves to create. I love designing hand lettered art prints, illustrating, designing logos & printables but also sharing fun & easy craft tips & DIYs on my blog. I like to call it . . . creating the 'eye candy'. ;)


Today I am offering  
50% OFF a CUSTOM hand lettered art print  
**YOU choose what I ink!  

You can place your order and I will do your very own custom hand lettered art print with your favorite song lyric, Bible verse, important date . . . whatever you like! Your choice!
Maybe you have a business that you would like your name hand lettered in with your slogan, I can do that too!

This 50% OFF deal is limited to the FIRST 10 people to purchase this deal.
Go here to get this deal by clicking on this link: 
Use CODE: HOLIDAY50 when checking out


At this price you can afford to buy one for a gift AND yourself. Right!? ;)

Let's have some FUN & really get to know Laura (hey - that's me!) . . .

1. Pretend YOU are a kid again . . . what toy you asking Santa for??  
I will forever be a Barbie-loving girl. I collected them as a kid and still enjoy them with my daughter now.

2. Favorite Christmas song? 
hands down . . .'O Holy Night' . . .I cry like a baby every time!

3. If you were a reindeer - which one would you be? And WHY?   
Dasher . . . I am always running in a thousand different directions
4. What is ONE tradition you do EVERY year that makes the holiday SPECIAL for you?
I can't name just one . . . baking/decorating cookies with my whole family when my brothers are in town, drinking out of our 'Christmas Vacation' moose mugs ;)
5. What does YOUR stocking look like? 
it has a snowman on it - I love whimsical & bright colors

6. Favorite Christmas treat?
drinking Baileys & coffee while enjoying my moms famous chocolate chip cookies 

7. A Christmas Story or Christmas Vacation? 
without a doubt . . . Christmas Vacation!!!! Gotta love the Griswolds ;)

8. When do you start decorating your house?
usually right after Halloween . . .I have A LOT to decorate!

9. How many Christmas trees do you put up? What color scheme are they?
I believe we are did six this year (used to be seven but I combined themes on one this year) . . . 1. - a main one in the living room that is totally color coded in aquas, reds, greens and white, 2. - my daughter's small woodland tree with all of her childhood ornaments on it, 3. - a large woodland tree with ONLY Barbie ornaments on it (I told you I love Barbie), 4. another large woodland tree decorated with Starbucks ornaments & girly ornaments, 5.- an Ohio State tree down in the man cave, 6.- a small tree decorated with only nutcracker ornaments in the man cave as well

10. Are you on the naughty or nice list this year?
always nice with a little bit of naughty ;)

So are you ready to go check out my page?

Come visit my page at Eye Candy Creative Studio, and say hello!


Make sure to check back tomorrow for the next DEAL.

ALL 'daily deals' will post by 9am (EST) to ensure you don't miss it! ;) 
If you have missed any of the other days of "daily deals", catch up here: 

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Thanks for being here & I hope you will enjoy this event I have planned for you!

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