Saturday, December 6, 2014

DAILY DEAL #6 :: 12 Days of Christmas

It's the "12 Days of Christmas Daily Deals" event!

On the SIXTH day of Christmas the gift fairy sent to ME . . . 

Fizzy Party is a place to find fun handmade items for your parties. Each item is crafted with the knowledge that it will be a part of a super fun party.

Today I am offering  

10% OFF your order 

This 10% OFF deal is valid for the duration of this event!
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You must check out her cute shop as she has items that will give your party the finishing touch it may need to make it FUN!

Let's have some FUN & really get to know Tiffany . . .

1. Pretend YOU are a kid again . . . what toy you asking Santa for??  
Artist sketch pad and pencils. I was always into drawing and writing poems.

2. Favorite Christmas song? 
Little Drummer Boy . I crank the radio up every time it comes on.

3. If you were a reindeer - which one would you be? And WHY?   
Dasher because I'm full of energy and move a mile a minute. My friends say they get exhausted just reading how much I do in an hour. I'm also told I walk too fast ;)

4. What is ONE tradition you do EVERY year that makes the holiday SPECIAL for you?  
Going to pick out a tree from a tree farm and cutting it down. Getting the tree kicks off the Christmas season for me.
5. What does YOUR stocking look like? 
My stocking was knitted by my aunt when I was little. It's red and green. I still use it because it was made for me and not just bought at the store. Homemade means a lot to me.

6. Favorite Christmas treat?
Anything peppermint

7. A Christmas Story or Christmas Vacation? 
Christmas Vacation. Hilarious and I love the message in it. No matter what goes wrong, family is what is important. 

8. When do you start decorating your house?
the day after Thanksgiving

9. How many Christmas trees do you put up? What color scheme are they?
I only put up one tree. We don't have room in our house for more. I don't do a colour scheme. I'm not into matchy-matchy when it comes to my tree. I like the variety of all the ornaments and different coloured lights.

10. Are you on the naughty or nice list this year?
A little of both ;)

So are you ready to go check out her page?

Come visit her page at Fizzy Party, and tell her I sent you!


Make sure to check back tomorrow for the next DEAL.

ALL 'daily deals' will post by 9am (EST) to ensure you don't miss it! ;) 
If you have missed any of the other days of "daily deals", catch up here: 


Have you entered to WIN the 

We have some fabulous prizes for you from some amazing vendors, check it out!

Thanks for being here & I hope you will enjoy this event I have planned for you!

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