Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Our Christmas Cards

I can finally say that my Christmas cards are addressed and in the mail! I finished them up yesterday and it was great to cross that off of my 'to-do' list! Do you remember when I asked you all to let me know which Christmas card design you thought I would pick, based off of this blog post about shopping for cards? Well I am sharing with you all today, which design I picked! Did you guess correctly?

I am not sure about you, but I love sending & receiving Christmas cards every year, event though I am finding that I receive less and less every year. Most people refuse to pay the cost of stamps to send them out but I just decided to limit my list of recipients to a book of stamps and that's it. Nevertheless, I love taking the time to figure out what I want my cards to look like, decide on a photo and then what feeling I wish to convey when a person is holding our cards . . . classic, whimsical, humorous!

This year I got my Christmas cards from Minted as I have been wanting to give them a try for awhile and this year was the year! So how did I decide on the design that I chose? Well it's simple. I decided that since this was the first FULL year that my daughter has had with her new puppy Chili, that they would be the focus of the card this year and we'd go for more of a whimsical feel, since that's how we do Christmas too!

The photo has a kind of a retro feel to it and when I got these cards back from Minted, the finish on the cards was very matte and printed in thick cardstock so it all blended well together and I was happy with the way they turned out!

Quite honestly I picked the card design I did because once I got done editing the photos, I decided this photo looked the best with this design. I simply uploaded the picture to their website and typed in our names and ordered them. They arrived pretty quick (within a few days) and then I was anxious to sit down and do some nice hand lettering on the envelopes before sending out.

We had an extremely busy week and weekend so instead of inking the envelopes with some fancy hand lettering, I simply wrote them out quickly to save on time and get these babies in the mail. I still think they look pretty good. I of course, at least, matched the pen color to the color of the cards. Duh! ;)

Do you send out Christmas cards still? I would love to hear whether you design your own or order them from somewhere. Or perhaps you simply go 'old school' and send out actual cards that have a pre-printed message inside. I do those every few years too as I still love them.

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