Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Celebrating FALL with Pumpkins, Pumpkins & More Pumpkins

Today is the first day of October & it feels like fall out. I LOVE it! One of my favorite thing about fall and getting ready for it, is the PUMPKINS! I just love pumpkins. The orange pumpkins from a pumpkin patch, the faux white ones you can buy at a craft store, pumpkin decor, pumpkin pie . . . pumpkin everything!

So I thought it may be fun to share some pumpkin decorating ideas with you from myself & the team that we have done . . . you know, to INSPIRE you & your love for pumpkins as well. ;)

You will see all of us vary on the "style" in which we decorate with our pumpkins but I love seeing what everyone does . . . from modern, to classic and a little bit country. Hope you are inspired to decorate too!

Take simple small pumpkins & glitter them to get the colors you want. I glittered these pumpkins for a Halloween party and added small feathers by the stem & a plastic spider . . .  super cute!

I love how the pumpkin cookies match the glitter on my pumpkins!

Getting funky with little pumpkin decorating to represent the biz! ;) I attached letters directly to the pumpkin to spell out part of my name plus added some feathers to create this fun & playful pumpkin decor!

One of my favorite places in my home to decorate for the holidays is my mantel! It can be easily changed to reflect the vibe of the season & it sets the tone for the whole room. Here is what I did last year.

Erin shared this picture of her mantel in her home. Isn't it gorgeous!? It's always fun to see other people's mantels & how they decorate. LOVE her fabric bunting she has hanging . . . I may have to 'borrow' that idea! ;)

Wendy sent in some pumpkin crafts she has made: this pumpkin wreath & these decorated pumpkins - which are super cool! ;)

Are you already decorated for fall & Halloween? Do you incorporate lots of pumpkins into YOUR decor? I would love to hear what you do . . .comment below and Happy FALL! ;)

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  1. LOVE the mantels ladies! They look great!!

    1. why thanks wendy! I am getting ready to share another one - lol! I just can't leave it alone. ;)

  2. Oooh, such cute craftiness! Ok, I need to get my pumpkin on now!


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