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Real PARTY :: It's a COWBOY party Y'ALL!

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Yeeehaw! Today I want to share about that time when I collaborated with my sis to throw a party for her twins & older daughter. She asked me to design the printables & take pics at the party . . . but then I get so busy I forgot to post them & share the party . . .until NOW! Don't ya hate when that happens - lol.

It's all good though as she secured the venue at a horse park/ farm, planned a simple menu since we were going to be outside, I designed the printables, we put them together, everyone had a great time & now I'm going to FINALLY share the pics to prove it. ;) It's allllllll good!

horse park, farm, cowboy birthday party, happy birthday banner
welcome to the ranch sign, cowboy birthday party decor, burlap accents
Cape Cod Children's farm, cowboy party
Cape Cod Children's Farm, cowboy birthday party
happy birthday sign, badana print, cowboy birthday party decor, farm

Let's check out what kind of fun these kids got to have at this adorable party on the ranch! ;)

:: the VENUE :: 
This horse farm had it all. It is called Cape Cod Children's Farm & was the PERFECT setting for the cowboy party! It was such an amazing place to have a birthday party as there were soooo soooo any activities for the kids to do not to mention the place is situated on a beautiful piece of land - absolutely GORGEOUS!

Cape Cod Children's Farm, cowboy party
Cape Cod Children's Farm, cowboy party

The kids have all sorts of places on the property to play, plus they have plenty of animals for them to hang out with as well. You will find everything from horses to ride to alpacas, goats to feed and cute donkeys.

farm animals, cowboy party
farm animals, cowboy party

:: the DECOR ::

Not every party has to be styled to the nines. Sometimes simple is best and sometimes the location dictates what you can do. I kept that in mind when designing for this party & we ended up using just a few things like a banner, table signs, toppers & thank you tags on the goodie bags.

I DID however add more things to the collection for you in case you can use more items at your Cowboy party! ;)

happy birtdhay banner, farm, cowboy birthday party, gingham print
cowboy hat, happy birthday sign, cowboy party decor & ideas

We used jute twine to hang the banner & also made a mini banner out of the toppers to hang across the food tables. Simple decor on the tables using cowboy hats from the Dollar Tree, a balloon centerpiece & a table sign was all that was needed on these tables. Looked great!

jute twine to hang banner, cowboy party decor ideas, gingham check
cowboy party signs, howdy partner, cowboy grub, happy birthday
party tables for a cowboy party, on the farm
giddy up topper, cowboy birthday party decor & ideas, farm, horse park

The kids were sent home with rustic cowboy packs (brown paper lunch bags) filled with goodies for all the cowboys & cowgirls. We used the thank you tags from the cowboy collection, punched a hole through them & used it to tie the bags closed. Doesn't get much easier than that partner! ;)

thaks y'all favor tags, goodie bags at cowboy party, gift tags on favor bags
kids goodie bags at cowboy birthday party, thanks y'all, brown bag
thanks y'all, yeehaw toppers at cowboy birthday party, cowboy party ideas

now how's 'bout we get this rodeo started!  . . .. can I get a  . . .

yeehaw favor bag topper, cowboy party ideas

:: the ACTIVITIES ::

Talk about a kids dream come true! . . .this place has so many activities for the kids to do & they had such a blast doing it all!

Tractor train rides . . . 

Horse racing . . .

horse racing for kids
bouncy horse racing for kids

Hayrides . . . 

hayrides for kids

Horseback riding . . .

bouncy horse rides
horseback riding for the kidshorseback riding for the kids

:: the FOOD ::

cowboy grub, party sign for cowboy party, cowboy birthday party

Keeping the food simple is key when having an outdoor event. Store bought cupcakes adorned with cupcake toppers dresses them up, & then simple bags of chips & hotdogs from the crockpot was all that was needed to fill up these cowboys & girls!

food display at cowboy birthday party, happy birthday banner

food at cowboy party
happy birthday toppers on cupcakes, cowboy birthday party
giddy up toppers in cupcakes, happy birthday toppers at cowboy party
toppers from cowboy party collection, cupcake toppers for cowboy party

Are you ready to gather up your posse & have a western cowboy party yet?

Well if you are, you can check out the entire collection in my Etsy shop or this post here.

Until next time partner . . .

thanks y'all favor bag tags, cowboy birthday party ideas

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