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HOME :: Painting a CHALKBOARD door

creating a chalkboard pantry door, home made, chalkboard paint, kitchen

I am so excited to FINALLY be bringing this series to the blog! I have been working like crazy on alot of DIY HOME projects in my place & have been wanting to share with you all what I have learned. Awhile ago I had asked if you all would be interested in hearing more about these projects & you all were as excited to read about them as I am to share with you. Everyone say YAY! ;)

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So I have titled these posts HOME | MADE so they are easy to find when you need them. Also I thought the series name was perfect as the things I have planned to share will range from things that are MADE for the HOME, whether it be a room renovation MADE into a nicer living space to a brand new wreath MADE to hang on the front door, they ALL are things that make my house feel like a HOME. ;)


The first project in this series will be "Creating a CHALKBOARD DOOR".

In my condo, I have a decent size kitchen but I DO have a rather large pantry closet. All of the doors, trim & windows were that old dark brown trim that was popular in the 90s maybe? I'm not sure, but I have had enough of it. I painted all of it white this summer & I am in LOVE now. However, I had been wanting to paint something . . .anything in the chalkboard paint so I decided to do my pantry door in the kitchen. So awesome & it's beyond useful too!

I gathered my supplies for this project: some Valspar chalkboard paint and my paint roller (I like these foam ones that are made specifically for doors) I love the way they make the door look - very professional, I highly recommend them.

valspar chalkboard paint, paint roller, pantry door makeover, chalk

First dumb mistake, I took NO 'before' picture! OK say it with me: "REALLY??!!" . . .uggghh so sorry but just imagine an ugly brown door here & you're all good!

Step 1: remove the door knob & hardware to make it easier to paint the door. I also was planning to re-paint these items so it just made more sense.

Step 2: start painting the door with the foam door roller. This is what it looks like after 1 coat - this is totally normal. =)

painting the pantry door in chalkboard paint, kitchen door makeover, paint

Step 3: I did paint another 2 coats on the door as I wanted to make sure it was a nice thick coat on the door to ensure all of the wear & tear this door gets.

Step 4: Once the final coat was dry & I let it cure (I waited about a week) I put back on, the newly painted door knob (in the silver metallic finish).

finished chalkboard door, pantry door makeover, valspar chakboard paint

Step 5: Seasoning your door! This is the fun part as you need to take a piece of chalk, turn it on it's side and "color" your door with it. WHY do you need to do this? Because if you don't, the first thing you write will remain there even after you erase it so seasoning it will help with that. Plus it gives it that "used chalkboard" look.

seasoning chalkboard paint, chalk, pantry door makeover, valspar paint

Step 6: Wiping down the chalk. Simply take a towel or paper towel & wipe down the door or "erase" all the color marks that you just did to season the door. This will make your drawing/ writing surface ready to go on the door.

seasoning a chalkboard project, seasoned chalkboard door, pantry door

Step 7: You ARE done! . . .Decorate with a message!

writing on chalkboard door, pantry door makeover, kitchen door, paint
chalkboard messages on kitchen door, pantry door, hand lettered

I so hope you have enjoyed the first in this series of HOME DIY projects as I have many more to share with you, on HOME | MADE.
I would LOVE to hear if you have ever painted chalkboard on anything? Do you love it or what? Did this post help you realize just how easy it is to do chalkboard on a door or wall? Are you gonna do one now?

Please comment below with your thoughts as I would love to hear from you!

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  1. I LOVE this! What a great idea for menus and grocery lists and just to keep the kids busy while I am cooking dinner. I know my husband would totally draw all over it too! Can't wait to see more on this series!

    1. thanks girl! I absolutely LOVE it - so much fun & it was so easy to do!

  2. This is such a great idea. I'm thinking I may do this on half of the door in my kitchen. Thanks for sharing!

  3. This is such a cool idea! So creative!!!

  4. Instead of painting a wall, we used chalkboard wallpaper in a hallway next to the kitchen. It has certainly been a life-saver. When dinner is cooking and they get impatient, they can go to the wall and chalk away.

  5. This is something I've wanted to do for a while, BUT we are planning on having a kitchen revamp later this year so I've been waiting... maybe after that I will get around to it finally!

  6. Such a great idea. I love using it for quotes or to post notes about what to buy for the pantry.

  7. I love it chalkboards are coming back into style and it is giving me a whiff of nostalgia .

  8. Love this! I just recently found a love of chalkboard paint and I was thinking of doing a small wall in our basement for the kids next!

  9. I have always wanted to do this! I will sure do it when we buy our next house

  10. This is so adorable! I love that your little girl helped you out with the project. :)

  11. You did such a good job. We have a wall done in our house for out daughter. We get so much use out of it. We did our ours navy so it goes with our color schemes.

  12. I love this! It is absolutely amazing!

  13. Brilliant! Why didnt I think of painting a door with chalk paint??

  14. This is something my mom actually wanted me to help her with! Good to know about seasoning it -- I had no idea!

  15. This turned out so well! I've thought about doing this in our kitchen but I'm not quite sure it would look right. Maybe on the inside of a cabinet door (whenever I put them back up, lol).

  16. Omg loving this door!!! My daughter would absolutely love it if I did this to her bedroom door! Such a graft idea!

  17. This is such an easy DIY project, I love it. My daughter would love this, tho she's only 3 and I'd be afraid she'd start coloring on the walls.


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