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CRAFT :: Green Burlap Wreath with Bunting

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So as you know I have been doing some home DIY around my place & I recently shared with you how I gave my entry a makeover & changed it into a mudroom. We love it but I also wanted to give our front door a makeover as well, since it IS part of the entry. ;)

So since our living room & entry have the same color scheme going on . . .the black 'n white vibe with lime green accents, I decided that a wreath in the same color scheme could be kinda sweet. Plus when I came across this green jute ribbon . . . well I was a lil smitten & had to have it! ;)

fall bunting wreath completed, green and black and white, fall crafts
black and white fabric strip bunting on wreath, fall wreath
pom flowers on wreath, black and white pom flowers, fall burlap wreath

The thing I love about doing this color scheme for this wreath, is it currently matches our green we have in the living room so when the door is open, well . . . it all matches! My color coordinating heart loves that! Also it is the perfect color to have on your front door during the fall season AND also again for St. Patty's Day! I love when you can get more mileage out of your wreaths than just a one time use!  

So who wants to make a simple & easy wreath for their front door? (hopefully you are raising your hand) Well okay then, let's do this . . .

fall wreath with fabric bunting & pom flowers, how to make a fall wreath

hanging wreath on front door, fall wreath finished, green wreath

step 1: Gather your supplies for this wreath. You can obviously choose any color ribbon to cover the wreath form along with the fabric colors you want. I picked up this green jute ribbon, a wreath form and then grabbed some black n white fabric from my stash. If you need to purchase fabric, I'd say maybe 1/8th yard of each one. You will also need glue & glue gun, scissors & ribbon to hang.

supplies needed to make a fall wreath, fall wreath making, fall crafting

step 2: Start wrapping the ribbon around your wreath form AFTER you have hot glued it in place. (at the beginning). Once you make it all the way around, you will want to hot glue the end in place to hold it together & keep from slipping. Set aside for now.

green burlap wreath, ribbon for wreath, fall wreath, how to make a fall wreath

step 3: Next grab your fabric & "tear" 10 x 1 in. strips. The easiest way to do this is fold fabric in half, cut a little (about an inch) on the edge (as in 1st photo below) and then tear them apart. Please don't worry about an exact measurement either as I ended up trimming shorter in the end but these are measurements I started with so you have a 'starting point'. =) 

step 4: Stack strips into piles until you have gotten them all done & cut. I probably had about 20 in each pile. You will also need a piece of twine or string - whatever you have on hand. I used some black 'n white bakers twines I had for this & I just cut a piece that was about as wide as my wreath + enough to glue to the back. 

step 5: I also marked, with a couple pieces of washi tape, the width for my bunting - in two spots, kind of the area I didn't want to 'go past' (see last pic below here) - good for a guide to help you.

chevron, polka dots, fabric strips for mini bunting, green burlap wreath

step 6: Tie each piece of bunting onto the twine that you have marked, alternating the TWO different fabrics you picked. How you tie it on is different for everyone but I did the method of making a 'loop' & then sliding the 2 cut ends into the loop (all while the twine is in there to catch it). If you have no idea what I am talking about, just do this, take all your strips & cut them in HALF at this point & just tie then on. The length will work out the same either way. You should have something that resembles this pic on the right below when you have them on the twine. At this point I actually trimmed the bunting down to the size I wanted . . .any length is fine, personal preference - YOU decide! ;) Then glue that puppy down, making sure the ends of the bunting are in the back of your wreath.

fabric strip bunting for fall wreath, green burlap wreath, black and white

step 7: Next we need to make the pom flowers. Hopefully you have a few strips of fabric bunting left for this but if not, just cut/ tear some more. These I cut to about 4 in. each. I laid out about 15 of them (pic 1 below), then used one of them as my tie around them (pic 2 below) and finally tied in a knot & fluffed & trimmed to desired "look". (pic 3 below)

pom flowers, chevron fabric, making pom flowers for fall wreath, burlap

step 8: For the two white pom flowers I used the same technique (as in step 7) with the exception of using white ribbon for the poms to give it some depth. I actually used the same ribbon as I used to 'hang' the wreath but it looks different as I cut it in half before making the pom flowers so it wasn't so wide.

step 9: attach all three pom flowers to the wreath using your glue gun.

step 10: cut a piece of ribbon to desired length & tie on wreath. 

how to make pom flowers for fall wreath, making mini fabric poms

Guess what? You.Are.Done. Hang that bad boy up & say ahhhhh . . .nice! ;)

fabric strip poms, wreath poms, wreath mini bunting, fall wreath, fall
 green burlap, black and white fabric bunting, chevron, fall wreath on door

I would LOVE to know what you thought of this wreath. Are you going to try it? Let me know if you are by commenting below . . .

Thanks for joining me! =)

fall wreath, burlap wreath, fall colors, black and white, mini fabric bunting

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  1. Very cute! I love the new look to the entrance way/mudroom...wish I could see it in person 8)

  2. thank you so much & yes I wish you could come see it too! ;)

  3. what a cute idea! love how it turned out. and the colors are so fun too :)
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

    1. thanks so much jackie - I appreciate that. It's been very versatile! ;)

  4. Replies
    1. thanks - it's my living room colors so it was easy to decide! ;)

  5. It amazing what you can do with a little imagination, and you can make it look exactly the way you want.

  6. I love that color green! It screams spring to me, lovely!

  7. What an easy and fun project. I love when something turns out to be beautiful and easy.

  8. Such a cute wreath! I love the colors you chose! The black and white really pops against the lime green! Pinning! - Tonya C

  9. That is so eye-catching! It looks like a completely wonderful and professional job. I'd buy one! And the color is awesome. It matches your blog!

  10. I love this! I have tried to do this before, but am not that crafty - and failed. Of course, I wasn't following directions then. I may give it a try and do this in Easter colors!

  11. That is super cute. I love the color green that you used.

  12. Great idea! I'm always looking for something new and fresh to put on my door!

  13. That is a clever craft. I like the little pom pom flowers on the side.

  14. I like the directions you gave for the wreath. The tips will be good for making wreaths all year long.

  15. I really like the idea of making a wreath season specific themed. I would love to do this but I know the wind would blow it away for sure.

  16. What a cute wreath! I use green accents on the front of our house. This would be perfect.

  17. What a bright colour that green is and great to place either outside the front of your house or anywhere else you fancy brighting up a bit!


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