Wednesday, October 16, 2013

WEDDING :: Halloween wedding inspiration board

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pumpkin, orange bouquet of flowers, orange dress, striped socks

  ::  ring pumpkin  ::  flowers  ::  dress  ::  cocktail sign 

  ::  cake  ::  socks  ::  favor candles


What a treat that I have for you today! A seasonal inspiration board full of fun: a HALLOWEEN wedding inspiration board. Some of you may be thinking . . . there is NO WAAAAAY I would have a Halloween wedding but here's the thing, for the person who loves Halloween and who loves all that is available in the fall months, this may be the perfect theme for them. Does it mean you have to have guts n' gore for the wedding? NOOOOO . . . you can still have the class of a traditional wedding with the elements of Halloween all wrapped up in one!

Just imagine a black and white wedding & just adding touches of orange to it. The orange just pops off the neutral color scheme plus gives it that 'wow' factor all while keeping with a traditional wedding theme. Personally I thought about doing this myself as I LOVE the fall months for a wedding but in the end we went a different direction . . .actually different time of year as well. lol

Have you ever been to a Halloween wedding? What was your favorite element of the event?  I would LOVE to hear the details . . .spill below ;)


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  1. I've always sort of turned my nose up at Halloween weddings but your inspo board is gorgeous! I think this may have changed my mind. A Halloween wedding can totally be chic.

    1. totally have felt the same as you in the past BUT the right details can make it stylish & not so 'guts n' gore' ya know . . . thanks for the love. ;)

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