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CRAFT :: Spooky Halloween Lanterns

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DIY Spooky Halloween Lanterns 
by Melissa

BOO!  Did I scare ya?  Probably not and neither will these kid friendly Spooky Halloween Lanterns, but they will go easy on the budget and you can get the kids involved in creating them! I'm sneaking into your day with a quick tutorial on these cuties!

supplies for spooky halloween lanterns, paper lanterns, card stock, glue

What you need:

Two White Paper lanterns (Dollar store has these around Halloween)

Black & White card stock

Glue stick and glue dots



Gauze or gauze tape

spooky lantern supplies, gauze, glue, paper lanterns, card stock, glitter
white paper lantern, glitter bats, card stock, glue on bats, halloween decor

The first lantern I made was the Batty Lantern. You can cut out bats using your card stock (kids can do this part if they are allowed to use scissors) or if you have a die cutter or Silhouette machine that makes it even easier.  After that I put some glue on the wings and glittered those wings right up! 

silver gliter, cut bats out of card stock, glue dots to adhere to lantern

Then I used my glue dots and stuck the wings to the lantern (I used the easy to remove dots so I can reuse my lantern for other events).  Easy as 1 -2 -3!  They are fun and so easy to decorate your table with.  They don’t have to be hung. You can put them on a candle holder or even just right onto the table. If you have a tea light that is battery operated (please no real fire candles around these paper lanterns) you can put those inside and they will even add more of a spookiness to your table!

glue bat on paper lantern, Halloween party decor, DIY halloween craft

My next project was even easier if you can believe that. All I did is have the kids cut out a set of eyes and glitter those up.   

mummy paper lantern, halloween decor for parties, halloween party decor
mummy lantern, gauze on white paper lantern, attach eyes, halloween

Then I wrapped some gauze tape around my white lantern a few times. Used glue dots to glue on the eyes and there you have it – Mummy Lantern!

mummy lantern for halloween, party decor DIY, halloween crafting

BONUS TIP:  IF you can’t find or don’t have white paper lanterns at home you can always use a white balloon! 

hallowen paper lanterns, mummy paper lantern, DIY halloween decor


Here’s hoping your Halloween is safe and spooky!  Until next time – Party On Friends!


Guest Contributor: Melissa Newell

Melissa Newell has been planning and executing parties for over 20 years - parties have always been a passion of hers.

 Melissa’s motto is Go Big or Go Home! She celebrates with her children every chance they get - making each day a celebration of Life!

Creativity on a budget and the attention to the smallest of details is what she is known for.

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