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Rainbow Loom Birthday Party

My daughter LOVES her rainbow loom but what kid doesn't at the moment right? So when she told me she wanted a rainbow loom party for her birthday I was NOT surprised! I asked what she envisioned for her party. She told me she wanted to loom with her friends, have a pinata (since she's never had one before) and she wanted me to make her a tall rainbow cake. "Ya know mom, those ones that have all the different colors when you cut into it. "

Well seemed reasonable to me. What I didn't want to do though is have a "rainbow" party with rainbows. Crazy I know, but never been a fan of them. So let's keep everything white and add pops of color I said. She agreed and the planning started!

Time to "Get Your LOOM On"!

As far as creating a bunch of fun decor for this party, I wasn't going to have time as this party was planned for the week I got back from a blogging convention so time was limited. I decided to cut back on a lot of things I typically do and see what I could come up with. I'll tell you one thing, it was definitely less stress! I may have to go this route more often! ;)

I always try to create something to welcome the guests to the party. This year I went with a YARN WREATH craft project that was hanging on the front door to greet guests as they arrived. I also hung one of the signs from the Rainbow Loom birthday party collection in the center as well.

I used other signs from the collection to decorate the tables as well as little cups of looms for the kids to use. 

I always LOVE designing backdrops for my parties and knew what I wanted to do for this one. I simply went to the fabric store and purchased coordinating fabric with a dot pattern, tore them into individual pieces of the length I needed and tied them to some bakers twine and hung on the wall behind the desserts. Simple, easy and yet so impactful! I then added a banner from the collection in the front of the fabric pieces and added giant clear balloons on either side of the table and it was done.

the CAKE
This cake. THE cake. It was amazing. It took me about 5 hours to make but what the birthday girl wants, she gets. Plain as that. I had never tackled doing a cake of this magnitude but love a challenge. I know I could order a cake and save myself a lot of grief but there is something nostalgic about making my daughter her birthday cakes every year. I want her to be able to look back and tell her kids, "Yup, every year grandma made whatever cake I wanted" and be excited to tell them. Something tells me she will. ;) 

Six different layers. Six colors created for these cakes to match the party. The one thing I didn't realize was how thick each layer would be after baking them, even splitting them among different cake pans. I mean seriously, look at the height of this bad boy below. LOL Seriously LOOK how tall it is! Now THAT is a freakin cake! Mama wasn't playin around was she? ;)

the FOOD
For this party I wanted to cut back on the food and desserts also because I always have a ton of new ideas I want to try but then I rush to get them done and stress myself out. Can anyone,  . . . anyone at all relate to me on this? haha . . . so this year, I asked her a couple faves she wanted to have besides the cake. She picked brownie pops and cookies on a stick. Alrighty then, those were pretty easy to do and we discovered that we love brownie pops waaaaay more than cake pops but that's just because you get MORE chocolate! I had my friend Brittany from Edible Details create some mini fondant toppers to go on the brownie pops and some regular size ones to go on the cookies. Loved how they turned out.

I also borrowed this amazing chocolate bark recipe from my friend Aimee and I loved it so much. It was fun and matched everything perfectly not to mention, super easy to make! The only thing I did differently is add MORE coconut! lol

The rest of the food consisted of items of the non-dessert side. Yes we HAD to have them right? ;) I made some chocolate covered popcorn, veggie cups, fruit kabobs, pasta salad and we had pizza for the main item.

I loved watching them all "get their LOOM on" and see them make all kinds of fun things, share ideas and they even taught each other what they knew! This was one of their favorite things to do and they loomed all kinds of creative items from necklaces and bracelets to rings and pencil grippers.

I can not have a party without a photo booth. What can I say, I think they are a blast and I love watching people get into it after they complain about doing it. So funny people are. I will have to share how I make my photo booth backdrops for you at a later date as they are simple and work so well. For this one, I used this polka dot tablecloth I found at Target and added a couple signs and this gorgeous tassel bunting from The Flair Exchange to make it look FESTIVE! Plus what's a photo op without some themed photo booth props to go with it!

I still can not believe that ELEVEN years have gone by in my child's life without a pinata! Say what? That's just bad parenting right there huh? Kidding, kinda. Not really. lol But she got her wish. I let her pick it out and we loaded that bad boy up with candy and lil prizes and somehow the guests all hit very softly so that the 'ol birthday girl was the one who busted it open. (not sure how that came to be but so happy for her) heehee

Every kid had their own place setting all set up with lots of goodies for the party and to take home. Place card, party hat, party horn, goodie bag and of course their mini loom kits!

I decided this year, to have a little somethin' for all of the parents and adults who came as well. I had found these adorable little glass jars with the latch lids in the Dollar Spot section at Target, so I just filled them all up with sixlets and attached a "thanks" tag to send home with them. 

So what did you think of this party? We had such a great time and if you have a little one wanting to have their own Rainbow Loom Birthday Party it is available in my shop along with a coordinating invite.

And one last shot of the birthday girl. This pic of her in utter happiness. This mama's job is complete. I did it. ;)


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  1. What a fun party idea! My kids would love this!

    1. ahh thank you so much Heidi! And yes, your kids would - it was a blast!

  2. This is a dream of a party!! Wow!

    1. thanks for saying that! I loved this party & they all had so much fun looming! ;)

  3. Great job! I love all the pops of color!

  4. Wow! This is amazing! You know,I love color so this does not disappoint. I have yet to make a rainbow cake and this almost has me convinced to just do it!! What a fun party idea and your darling daughter looks so happy!

    1. thanks so much for the love! My daughter was soooo happy and it's funny as she REALLLLLY wanted me to make this cake! You can do it too but be warned . . it IS sooooo time consuming but so worth the look on their face! =)

  5. What an adorable and colorful party!! Wish I had a little girl I could have this party with.

    1. thanks Tracey! You can always throw a party like this for you & your friends! ;) Kidding . . maybe. lol

  6. OK, now I want a Rainbow Loom party! And I'm right there with you when it comes to making birthdays as stress-free as possible. My son's is in September, and for some reason, that always ends up being a busy time for me. Last year, we had the part at a local Lego place. I still make some treats and decor, but it was so much less stressful to know that I didn't have to host and entertain the kids for 2+ hours and come up with party games and so many decorations.

    Oh, and I farmed out the cake to a local bakery. Theirs are so amazing, no way could I compete!

    1. Yes the goal is always to make less stress for myself but sometimes it works that way, sometimes not. This time was good & it was so much fun! If you need anything from me for your son's, just let me know if I can help out. I know you probably could do something but I have an Etsy shop you can look at & I'd be glad to help you out. Just let me know. =)

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  8. This is adorable--I love that wreath especially :)

    1. Thanks stephanie - the wreath was a last minute craft add-on & I am so glad I did it as it was so easy but fun for my door too! Plus now she can enjoy it in her room now too.


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