Tuesday, June 17, 2014

DIY CRAFT :: Yarn Wreath & Letters

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For the next few days I will be sharing projects and ideas from my daughter's "Rainbow Loom" birthday party that we had last month, along with all the party details. Today I am sharing TWO yarn projects that I made: a DIY yarn wreath and also DIY yarn covered letters.

One of the first things I like to make for any party is a wreath or something similar to hang on the front door to welcome the guests to the party. I made this YARN WREATH for this event and it is super simple to make. A friend of mine actually made one recently based off one I had bought at Target a few months back and thought I would try it too. I love it and how it turned out and there are so many more ideas I have for these to make. ;)

yarn wrapped wreath, how to make a yarn wreath, rainbow party decor

You just need to grab a few supplies: letterboard wreath shape, yarn of your color choosing, fabric glue or hot glue gun, ribbon and scissors. I picked up this wreath shape at Hobby Lobby and the yarn I picked up at JoAnn Fabric and Craft.

supplies needed to make a yarn wreath, rainbow party decor craft

 The first step is to start by gluing the yarn at your starting point. I would glue it down on the back and start wrapping around the wreath form.

rainbow yarn, supplies to make a yarn wreath, yarn wrapped, how to


And keep wrapping and wrapping and wrapping . . . all while wrapping the yarn tight together, side-by-side . . .


 how to wrap yarn, rainbow party decor, wrapping yarn on wreath

I promise you will eventually get to the end. One tip I will let you in on, that I did is, I didn't like how my colors were going to end up as I was going for a definite "pattern" of colors here, so I just snipped the yarn strand and started a new piece to make the color pattern end, the way I wanted. (hope that makes sense).

multi colored yarn wreath, wrapped yarn wreath, finished yarn wreath

This is what it should look like when you have come to the end. Then make sure your last strand of yarn is glued down securely and you are almost done!  The last step is to cut a piece of coordinating ribbon to be able to hang your wreath up!

 yarn wreath completed, securing  yarn, adding ribbon to hang wreath
rainbow yarn wrapped wreath, rainbow loom party decor, simple wreath making

I added a sign to hang from the middle that said "welcome to the PAR-TAY" that was simple enough to take off after the party. So feel free to add a little somethin' somethin' to yours as well.

rainbow loom party decor, rainbow yarn wreath, decor for rainbow party

Next project was YARN LETTERS for the birthday girl. I love how these letters turned out too and my daughter was super excited as she wants to hang them in her bedroom when the party is over! Double duty project . . .heeeeey! ;)

yarn wrapped letters, name letters wrapped in yarn, rainbow party decor

You will need just a few supplies for this: wood letters to spell out their name, glue and your yarn you are already using for this project.

supplies for yarn wrapped letters, Elmer's glue, rainbow yarn, letters

Depending on the letter shapes, it can be a little tricky getting started or figuring out how to do the edges. What I did, was glue down small strips of the yarn to all the edges first and then went back and wrapped and wrapped and wrapped until they were done!

how to yarn wrap letters, rainbow yarn, wood letters, rainbow party craft

I told you this was super easy and quick right? Anyone thinking about making their own? Raise your hand . . . please let me know below if you think you will try this project as I would love to know if anyone was inspired. Or maybe you have already done a similar wreath before or another cool project using yarn . . . let me know what you did below . . . ;)

 yarn covered letters, rainbow party craft, decor for rainbow party, DIY

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  1. This is so adorable, love the letters done also...very crafty of you Laura!!!

  2. Nice job on the wreath and letters...LOVE!

    1. Thanks Melissa - thought it was about time to make my own & see how it went! lol


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