Saturday, June 14, 2014

CRAFT :: Father's Day Thumbprint Art

my heart belongs to daddy, kids thumbprint art, father's day gift ideas, DIY

Today I am going to share with you a real quick, Father's Day gift idea that the kiddos can do all by themselves! Even if you are a last minute kinda gift-giver, you still have time! ;) I promise this project is easy, inexpensive and your kid can do this one in about 15 minutes!

kids craft ideas, father's day gifts made from kids, canvas art, thumbprint

1. You just need to grab a few supplies: small canvas (or art paper would work),  2 tubes of paint, a paint brush, and a pencil. Plus one kid. ;) 

2. Start by lightly drawing a heart shape on the canvas so your child has a guide as to where they should put their thumbprints. 

3. Afterwards squirt a little paint on a tray or plate so they can start "thumbing" their heart shape.

supplies for thumbprint art, paint, paintbrushes, canvas, pencil, tablecloth

4. Simply have your kid dip their thumb into the paint, push down their 'print' on a scrap piece of paper to remove excess paint and then go ahead and place a thumbprint onto the canvas. They should repeat this process until the have formed a heart shape with the thumbprints.

thumbprints on canvas, how to make thumbprint canvas art, heart shaped
heart shaped thumbprints, canvas art, how to make thumbprint art

5. The next step is to grab the other paint color they chose
and paint brush, to use it to paint the edges of the canvas to give their art a "framed look".

painting edges of canvas art, kids painting, father's day gift idea from kid

6. Finally, have them write a saying, message or whatever they would like on their art masterpiece! My daughter & I chose to use "my heart belongs to my daddy" as her saying on her thumbprint art.

my heart belongs to daddy, message on canvas art, masterpiece, art
finished canvas art, father's day gift from daughter, holding finished art

Super easy for the kids right? Trust me, their daddys will LOVE it . . . dad's hearts melting all over. ;) Will you give this art a try? Did your kids make their dad a handmade gift for Father's Day? Please comment below as I'd love to know . . .

father's day thumbprint art, father's day gift idea, my heart belongs to daddy

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  1. What a wonderful idea and such a forever always have the most thoughtful gifts. Skylar, you did such a good job for dad !!!

  2. I love this! Pinning for a Christmas idea for grammies!

  3. I love this idea! What a cute and thoughtful way to show dad how much you love him. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Homemade gifts are the best. This is perfect for Father's Day!

  5. This is such a sweet idea! I always try to mix sentimental into gifts for Fathers day!

  6. Oh, that is adorable! So unique and personal! I may have to make one for my husband :)

  7. I think I'll make this myself ( the big kid 😜 )! What a special gift this will make.

  8. That is just so very precious! Her daddy's heart will be melting when he sees it!

  9. Aww, this is such a sweet idea. I know my kids will love to do this. Especially my little man...fingers in paint...that's his idea of fun!

  10. Such a cute idea! Love the craft and the love behind it! Thank you for sharing it!

  11. What an adorable and easy idea! Love this, thanks for sharing!

  12. That is too cute and I just love it. I might have my daughter do this for her dad but with a few different colors. Thanks for the tutorial.


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