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DIY CRAFT :: Summer Fun Board

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Summer FUN Board!

by Wendy

It’s that time of year, when the kiddos are finishing up the school year.  I don’t know about at your house, but it’s not all that long between the time when school is finished and the words “I’m bored” are uttered! 

Last year I came up with an idea of creating a board showing fun activities for us to do either as a family on the weekends or during the week, while dad is working when boredom strikes!  It was successful last year, so it’s a repeat for this summer.

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To make the board, I picked up a piece of homasote board from Lowes and covered it with burlap.  My board measures 25 x 32.  I then cut some pieces of natural twine and attached them with eye screws to the board. My daughter and I sat down one evening and had some fun coming up with activities to do over the summer.  I typed up the activities and printed them on some bright orange and yellow paper, then cut the papers into small squares and hung them on the twine with those mini clothespins that you can pick up at any craft store.  I also used Silhouette Cameo to cut out a big sunshine and the words Summer Fun for the board.

ideas of activities for kids, summertime, fun in the summer

Over the summer, when we are out and about enjoying the activity, I make sure I have my camera with me to get some pics.  I then print them out in a wallet size so that I can hang them on the board.  By the end of the summer, it is my hope that we kept the boredom to a minimum and we have lots of pics on the board and great memories! 

sun, scrapbook paper, summertime fun, ideas for summer activities

Until next time. Wendy


Guest Contributor: Wendy Diem

Wendy is a stay at home mom living in Hershey, Pennsylvania, also know as the sweetest place on earth!   

She loves creating memory books and cards and would spend my whole day scrapbooking, but I do need to make time to take care of my family.  You know, those fun things like laundry, cleaning the house, etc.  

Back in March, 2012, she had the privilege of going to NYC as part of Martha Stewart’s Dreamers into Doers to attend some workshops and the live taping of her show.  She enjoyed meeting lots of wonderful entrepreneurial women.  What a great experience it was!

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